15000 SOFA Tokens Reward | SofaSwap Global Ambassador Recruitment Plan Start!

From SofaSwap official announcement, in order to let users having better understanding of SofaSwap, as well as practice and develop SofaSwap blockchain community. SofaSwap started Reservation Test activity from April 21st, 2021, and users who participate in the test will be rewarded with tokens.

Details of The Activities As Following:

Due to the extremely popular of reservation test, we respect each users who has made contributions to the development of SofaSwap. SofaSwap will launch a complete and systematic “Global Ambassador Recruitment” plan on April 28, 2021at 10:00 (GMT+8) to reward each promotion members for their efforts.

Ⅰ. What Is SofaSwap Global Ambassador?

SofaSwap Global Ambassador, who builds a community and activates the community to increase the number of test users.

Ⅱ. Recruitment Time of Global Ambassador

2021.4.28 10:00 — — 2021.5.4 00:00(GMT+8)

Ⅲ. Rewards Details of Global Ambassador

According to the number of promotion reservation test users, there are three levels of Global Ambassador: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Different levels, different task assignments, and different rewards(SOFA is currently priced at 0.27–0.3 USDT/SOFA).

1. Silver: the number of promoted valid reservation test users >=500, and the Ambassador will get 2500 SOFA tokens.

2. Gold: the number of promoted valid reservation test users >=1000, and the Ambassador will get 6000 SOFA tokens.

3. Platinum: he number of promoted valid reservation test users >=2000, and the Ambassador will get 15,000 SOFA tokens.

*Valid Number of Users: Participate in the private test to receive the airdrop. To ensure receive successfully, please confirm that there are more than 5 transactions in the account.

Ⅳ. Requirement of SofaSwap Global Ambassador

1. The Ambassador has at least one WeChat exclusive community;

2. While promoting SofaSwap, build at least one exclusive WeChat community for SofaSwap users, and guide them to join reservation tests in the group;

3. The Ambassador needs to complete any level of promotion tasks in “Award Details” and maintain SofaSwap consciously to receive the rewards.

Ⅴ. Benefits of SofaSwap Global Ambassador Community

All Ambassador community users will receive the reward of reservation test airdrop.

Ⅵ. Time of Reward Issue

SofaSwap will calculate and distribute SOFA token rewards on May 6, 2021. Please submit the data of promotion users on time. In case of omission, wrong filling or not filling, you will be responsible for the consequences of reward error.

Ⅶ. Registration method

Please participate from SofaSwap official social platform or send the email to sofaswap@gmail.com.

Ⅷ. Project Introduction

Sofa Swap www.sofa.pub is a decentralized derivatives trading platform realized through DAMM (Dynamic Automated Market Maker) technology, and it is also an any asset mortgage decentralized derivatives trading protocol.

On Sofa Swap platform, LP only needs to deposit a single currency to provide liquidity; At the time of redeeming liquidity, due to the DAMM design mechanism, the liquidity pool will receive an approximate risk-free return, and LP will receive the same currency equal to or greater than the amount deposited. Sofa uses a weighted average of real-time prices from multiple exchanges to quote prices, users can trade or settle at the current price directly.

At the same time, in order to solve the users unpopular token long-term holding and the contradiction between short-term speculation of hot token, SofaSwap introduced new mechanism creatively. After the users invest the assets they hold into the mortgage pool, they can participate in the short-term market fluctuation investment of different hot assets, liquidation book at the underlying asset prices, Actual settlement and delivery in the same currency of input.

Project name: SofaSwap

Total Amount: 1 billion SOFA tokens. At the initial stage, the platform was initialized to Ethereum 400 million, BSC 300 million and HECO 300 million through PolyNetwork cross-chain bridge. Users can complete cross-chain assets by themselves according to their own needs, and the total tokens amount will remain 1 billion.

Allocation of tokens: 60% for mining, 15% for team, 10% for private, 10% for marketing publicity, 20% for community contribution, 2% for testing reward, 1% for airdrop.

Repurchase and destruction: SofaSwap will spend 20% of the total transaction fee income on repurchase and destruction of SOFA.

About Us:

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