Airdrop | Nearly 100,000 airdrop rewards have been distributed by SofaSwap !

SofaSwap Official
1 min readSep 10, 2021


The airdrop has been successfully concluded, which was held by SofaSwap and KOL from 18:00, Aug 26 to 18:00, Aug 30, 2021 (UTC+4) (see details: . According to the rules of the event, the official has officially completed the statistics of the event details, and airdropped nearly 100,000 SOFA to valid user wallets!

The event attracted numerous users to follow SofaSwap’s official Twitter, and 6,162 users participated in the event, 2,572 completed different single tasks, and the final number of valid addresses after screening is 714.

Here, SofaSwap would like to thank every user for their support and love to SofaSwap, which keeps us moving forward. In the future, SofaSwap will continue to work hard to optimize our products and create better experiences for our users. Please stay tuned for the technical progress and trends of SofaSwap.


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SofaSwap Official

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