GameDAO (GDT) & SofaSwap reached a single token pledge cooperation, and the trading will start soon

SofaSwap Official
2 min readSep 1, 2021


SofaSwap and GameDAO (GDT) have entered into a single token pledge partnership to jointly explore the liquidity mining Farmer and promote the innovation and development of the project market.

As a decentralized coin-margined futures trading protocol, SofaSwap proposed the concept of “Earning Tokens in Bear Market” to solve the lock-in problem of locked tokens.

Users can use GDT to open mainstream token contracts (such as BTC, ETH) on SofaSwap, and the settlement token is any digital asset (such as GDT) staked by the market maker LP.

SofaSwap and GameDAO have entered into an in-depth cooperation on ContiqDeFi’s product formats and market promotion, hoping to provide users with more trading opportunities!

About SofaSwap

SofaSwap consists of three roles: Trader, Maker and Farmer. The quotation token is a highly-liquid main currency contract (such as BTC, ETH), and the settlement token is any digital asset staked by the market maker LP (such as: GDT)

①Farmer: Stake tokens to provide liquidity and charge 10% of the transaction fee; it does not take any risks and has stable long-term returns.

②Maker: Stake tokens to provide liquidity for market making and bear the user’s profit and loss settlement; set the transaction fees, leverage and other risk control parameters for the liquid pool; short-term risks are controllable and long-term benefits are huge, and can get 60% of the transaction fee.

③Trader: Stake tokens as margin, use up to 100 times leverage to trade; high risk and high return.




About Gamedao

GameDAO is the first NFT encrypted artwork entertainment creation platform, focusing on four major sectors which are “NFT Creation and Distribution”, “NFT Game Development and GameDAO Universe”, “POP NFTs NFT Trading Market” and “GameDAO Entertainment”, to explore and innovate continually in the NFT industry.






SofaSwap Official

SofaSwap, through DAMM to achieve low liquidity digital asset exchange platform, supports Multi Asset Deposit, Free Leverage, Liquidity Pool, and Smart Keeper