Sofa DEX Start Reservation Test, Million Rewards Are Waiting for You!!!

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4 min readApr 23, 2021

According to SofaSwap official announcement, SofaSwap official website has launched on April 15th, 2021.

In order to let users having better understanding of SofaSwap, as well as practice and develop SofaSwap blockchain community. SofaSwap will start to collect active users from the community to participate in the test at 00:00 on April 21st, and users who participate in the test will be rewarded with tokens.

. Participating time of reservation test

2021.4.21 10:00 — 2021.5.5 24:00 (UTC+8)

Ⅱ. Number of participants

Join reservation test, get million rewards. After finish registration, waiting for the test. Open our official website:, at the bottom of the website has official Twitter/Telegram/Facebook/Medium/WeChat/Email contact information, contact us now!

Ⅲ. Reservation Test Method

Open SofaSwap official website:, click “Apply for Test” and submit the information, as shown in following:

First part of airdrops will be carried out by HECO. Please fill in the wallet address of HECO.

MetaMask/TokenPocket/BitKeep/Huobi Wallet/HyperPay/Bitpie all support HECO.

Specific test steps will be synchronized in the later announcement. Participate in the test to get airdrop, a million rewards are waiting for you !

Ⅳ. More Surprises

1. Join Sofa Telegram/WeChat official community, send your wallet address that support HECO to the community, the community volunteer will record it; Then, you can get 5 SOFA tokens;

2. Follow Sofa Telegram/Facebook official platform, send the screenshot to our official community or email to the official website; Then, you can get 8 SOFA token;

3. Post the poster of SOFA test on WeChat Moments /Twitter/Facebook, send the screenshot to our official community or email to the official website; Then, you can get 15 SOFA tokens.

*Complete any of the above tasks, post the screenshot of the spread to Telegram or WeChat community; Then, you can get the extra airdrops.

Ⅴ. Project Introduction

Sofa Swap is a decentralized derivatives trading platform realized through DAMM (Dynamic Automated Market Maker) technology, and it is also an any asset mortgage decentralized derivatives trading protocol.

On Sofa Swap platform, LP only needs to deposit a single currency to provide liquidity; At the time of redeeming liquidity, due to the DAMM design mechanism, the liquidity pool will receive an approximate risk-free return, and LP will receive the same currency equal to or greater than the amount deposited. Sofa uses a weighted average of real-time prices from multiple exchanges to quote prices, users can trade or settle at the current price directly. The system controls the Exposed Postion of the platform as close as possible to 0 through the constant transaction fee and formula ( L + S = Const ), so that the risk of the liquidity pool is close to 0, and the liquidity pool can obtain close to risk-free benefits.

At the same time, in order to solve the users unpopular token long-term holding and the contradiction between short-term speculation of hot token, SofaSwap introduced new mechanism creatively. After the users invest the assets they hold into the mortgage pool, they can participate in the short-term market fluctuation investment of different hot assets, liquidation book at the underlying asset prices, Actual settlement and delivery in the same currency of input.

Project name: SofaSwap

Total amount: 1 billion SOFA tokens. At the initial stage, the platform will lock 600 million tokens in the total amount of Ethereum through the coinage agreement; Meanwhile, generated 300 million tokens on BSC and 300 million tokens on HECO, so there will be 400 million liquidity left on Ethereum. Later, the number of tokens on each public chain will be adjusted according to the operation situation, but the total amount will remain 1 billion.

Allocation of tokens: 60% for mining, 15% for team, 10% for private, 10% for marketing publicity, 20% for community contribution, 2% for testing reward, 1% for airdrop.

Repurchase and destruction: SofaSwap will spend 20% of the total transaction fee income on repurchase and destruction of SOFA.

About Us:

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SofaSwap Official

SofaSwap, through DAMM to achieve low liquidity digital asset exchange platform, supports Multi Asset Deposit, Free Leverage, Liquidity Pool, and Smart Keeper