SofaSwap Community Volunteer Recruitment Plan

The development of SofaSwap cannot leave the support of global community users. In order to better promote the development and growth of SofaSwap community, SofaSwap global community volunteer recruitment plan start. If you believe in the vision of SofaSwap, we sincerely invite you to join SofaSwap community volunteer team to witness the growth of SofaSwap!

Ⅰ. Recruitment Time

May 21, 2021 10:00 (UTC+8) — May 31, 2021 00:00 (UTC+8)

Ⅱ. Recruitment Object

SofaSwap in-depth users, blockchain enthusiasts, not limit city, age, gender, occupation

Ⅲ. Recruitment Conditions

1. Have at least one WeChat exclusive community;

2. When promoting SofaSwap, build at least one exclusive WeChat community for SofaSwap, and guide users to participate in testing activities:

Ⅳ. Volunteer Benefits

* Volunteers must complete any level of promotion tasks in “Volunteer Benefits” and maintain SofaSwap in order to be rewarded.

* Effective Users: Conducted SofaSwap test, opened and closed positions test more than 5 times.

Ⅴ.Becoming A SofaSwap Global Community Volunteer, We Hope You Can

1. Assist in the publicity and promotion of SofaSwap, build SofaSwap exclusive community and expanding community users;

2. Answering, guiding and giving feedback to community users;

3. Assist to maintain SofaSwap community, contribute valuable industry information, actively participate in community discussions, contribute positive energy;

4. Organize and disseminate SofaSwap related information, and educate new users to know and use SofaSwap;

5. Assisted in promoting the publicity and distribution of content and news;

6. WeChat official account, media links, etc;

7. Support and organize online promotional activities.

Ⅵ. Becoming A SofaSwap Global Community Volunteer, You Will Be Able To

1. Get to know the latest progress and industry information of SofaSwap project in the first time;

2. Close contact with SofaSwap team and major first-line partners, opportunities to participate in more online and offline activities;

Ⅶ. How To Apply

Please search “SofaSwap Official” on Twitter to leave a message or join SofaSwap Official Telegram Community to make an application. The position is limit. Apply now!

*SofaSwap Assistant will assess the applicants and contact qualified applicants.

About SofaSwap

SofaSwap is a decentralized derivatives trading platform realized through DAMM (Dynamic Automated Market Maker) technology, and it is also an any asset mortgage decentralized derivatives trading protocol.

On Sofa Swap platform, LP only needs to deposit a single currency to provide liquidity; At the time of redeeming liquidity, due to the DAMM design mechanism, the liquidity pool will receive an approximate risk-free return, and LP will receive the same currency equal to or greater than the amount deposited. Sofa uses a weighted average of real-time prices from multiple exchanges to quote prices, users can trade or settle at the current price directly.

At the same time, in order to solve the users unpopular token long-term holding and the contradiction between short-term speculation of hot token, SofaSwap introduced new mechanism creatively. After the users invest the assets they hold into the mortgage pool, they can participate in the short-term market fluctuation investment of different hot assets, liquidation book at the underlying asset prices, Actual settlement and delivery in the same currency of input.

Project name: SofaSwap

Total Amount: 1 billion SOFA tokens. At the initial stage, the platform was initialized to Ethereum 400 million, BSC 300 million and HECO 300 million through PolyNetwork cross-chain bridge. Users can complete cross-chain assets by themselves according to their own needs, and the total tokens amount will remain 1 billion.

Allocation of tokens: 60% for mining, 15% for team, 10% for private, 10% for marketing publicity, 20% for community contribution, 2% for testing reward, 1% for airdrop.

Repurchase and destruction: SofaSwap will spend 20% of the total transaction fee income on repurchase and destruction of SOFA.

Twitter:SofaSwap Official

Medium:SofaSwap Official

Facebook:SofaSwap Official





SofaSwap, through DAMM to achieve low liquidity digital asset exchange platform, supports Multi Asset Deposit, Free Leverage, Liquidity Pool, and Smart Keeper

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SofaSwap Official

SofaSwap Official

SofaSwap, through DAMM to achieve low liquidity digital asset exchange platform, supports Multi Asset Deposit, Free Leverage, Liquidity Pool, and Smart Keeper

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