SofaSwap Weekly Report August 16 — August 20

SofaSwap has received much attention since its launch. Recently, we have been busy improving the code and updating more new features, including bringing in more talents.

Up to now, we are progressing steadily, in order to let the followers know more about the project progress and the latest developments, Weekly Report will come to you weekly, please stay tuned!

I. Technical updates completed, including:

II. SofaSwap Reached Strategic Partnership with ZKSwap

The two parties will jointly explore solutions in the DeFi sector and Layer 2 technology to promote the innovation and development of DEX projects.

SofaSwap and ZKSwap are the representatives of a new generation of blockchain technology. As a decentralized coin-margined futures trading protocol, SofaSwap proposed the concept of “Earning Tokens in Bear Market” to solve the lock-in problem of locked tokens, while ZKSwap, a token Swap protocol based on Automated Market Maker (AMM), realizes 0 gas fee transfer and transaction on the layer-2 network based on the ZKSwap -Rollups technology. And now, SofaSwap and ZKSwap have reached a strategic cooperation on business product form and market promotion.

III. Customized airdrop event with Bitkeep (please stay tuned)

V. SofaSwap rebranding and upgrading



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SofaSwap Official

SofaSwap Official


SofaSwap, through DAMM to achieve low liquidity digital asset exchange platform, supports Multi Asset Deposit, Free Leverage, Liquidity Pool, and Smart Keeper